Monday, October 17, 2011

Weeding Webinar

Image credit: Library Journal

Mary Kelly and I were panelists last week for a webinar hosted by Library Journal and sponsored by Collection HQ.

First of all, let me just say how weird it is to present a webinar. This was our first time presenting this way. This particular webinar was done in software called "On24." We had a moderator dashboard that we worked with to advance our slides and chat with the other moderators, but we couldn't see the real-time chat box that the attendees were using (if there was one...I'm not even sure about that!). Just sitting in my office talking to apparently no one was a little disconcerting. There was no body language or eye contact or facial expression from the audience to tell if they were getting what we were saying. So, we just kept talking and hoped for the best.

Second, apparently there were close to 2,000 people registered for the free event. The largest live audience I've ever presented to was probably 200. They said that over 700 people actually logged in to the webinar! I presented virtually to over SEVEN HUNDRED PEOPLE!! That's incredible. Again, though, since you can't see or hear them, it could have been one person or 2,000 and it didn't really make any difference.

If you'd like to hear the webinar, just register for free and give it a listen! (I haven't listened yet. I hope I don't sound like a child. My voice does that.)

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