Friday, October 07, 2011

Tech Tools for Reference

On Wednesday, I gave a talk for The Library Network Adult Services Committee. I've given this particular talk a few times previously at different workshops, and it's one of my favorites. Tech Tools for Reference focuses on free online tools that help reference librarians do our jobs more easily. It includes work-arounds for common problems our patrons face. The emphasis is on free and online - no downloads or installations and no money necessary.

I'll embed the Slideshare here, but keep in mind that I wasn't going for design. It's just a list of URLs by category. When I gave the actual presentation, I used links in my Delicous account tagged as "tln" and "techtools." Feel free to have a look!


  1. I went to use one of my tools mentioned here,, and found that they no longer create editable word files. All you get is an image of your PDF file stuck into a Word document. So...use instead. Zamzar will create an editable Word file out of a PDF.

  2. I loved this slide presentation. Only problem is there is so much I want to try and I need to work on homework. Grr! Thanks for all the links and screenshots. FotoFlexer is AMAZING! I've been trying to learn GIMP and am getting frustrated. FotoFlexer was able to do many (not all) of the things I wanted. And it was much easier!!! Thanks!