Friday, April 08, 2011

Authors I Like

A while back I wrote about my favorite books. That's an ever-changing list. Here is a list of authors I like a lot. To be eligible for this list, the only criteria is that I've read and enjoyed more than one book by the author. It's not a list of my favorite authors - some of them have only written one book, or I only liked one of their books. This list is more about authors I like to suggest to people because no matter what title they pick, they're likely to enjoy it.

Here's a list of twenty authors I like (not in order of preference, because that's just impossible). I've avoided those major authors that the general public has probably heard of. You won't find James Patterson or Janet Evanovich here. I've tried to go a little more obscure than that, although most of these are certainly popular authors. These are authors I would suggest to people who have read everything by those big-name authors, to branch out.

1. Elizabeth Berg
2. Jodi Picoult
3. Lisa Genova
4. Sophie Kinsella
5. Avi
6. Tori Carrington
7. Laurie Halse Anderson
8. Barbara Delinsky
9. Sandra Kring
10. Denise Hamilton
11. Maureen Johnson
12. Steve Hamilton
13. Donna Jo Napoli
14. Terry Trueman
15. Michael Zadoorian
16. Emily Giffin
17. Margaret Peterson Haddix
18. Patricia Reilly Giff
19. Elizabeth Strout
20. Marek Halter

Some are literary, some are "brain candy," some are teen or children's authors...I like these authors for a variety of reasons and for a variety of moods.

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