Saturday, May 23, 2009

Awful Library Books

Wow, Eli Neiburger Twittered about a blog that Mary Kelly and I set up just for kicks, and suddenly we're getting 5,000 hits a day! That's not even an exaggeration - literally, 5,000 hits. We set up the Awful Library Books blog because we wanted to learn how to use Wordpress and as an outlet for our love of (obsession with?) collection quality. It's turned into something really fun! Keep the comments coming!

I have no experience in academic libraries at all, but I'd be interested in learning about how collection management is approached at the academic level. I think I remember from library school that accreditation depends on library holdings in some way. I'm guessing academic libraries keep materials a bit longer than public libraries do. Can someone recommend some good reading about academic libraries and collection management?

(Note: I use the phrase "collection management" instead of collection development because I believe that all activities to do with collection: selection, cataloging, circulation, weeding, etc. are related, and they all contribute to collection quality.)

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