Friday, February 20, 2009


Over the past few days, I've incorporated Facebook with my work in a few ways. My co-worker, Mary Kelly, and I created a group for our library. It was fun, and we had 34 fans in the first couple of hours! We added pictures, library programs as events, started a few discussions, and even uploaded some videos. It's just one more way to spread the word about all that SSLDL does. The viral effect of Facebook has been great - one person sees that their friend joined and they join, their friends see that they joined, etc.

A committee I'm on to plan an unConference also abandoned our wiki in favor of Facebook. Again, the viral effect will hopefully gain us more attendees and get the word out more quickly about our event. The planners are all Facebook friends, so we can even communicate with each other about the event via Facebook.

Using my Facebook profile professionally means that I try to keep my profile pretty generic. I do not include political or religious views or labels. I do not post things like "so-and-so Friend passed you a drink!" or "so-and-so Friend threw a sheep at you!" First of all, that's dumb. Secondly, I want to remain open and approachable to all types of people.

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