Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mock Interviews, Part 2

The mock interviews at U of M were fantastic! I interviewed four "candidates" - three for youth services and one for adult services. It seemed like they were all very well prepared to talk about library service and their interests. They all shared ideas that were useful and creative, and which I will absolutely use!

SSLDL's interview process does not focus on competency. We spend the interview trying to get to know the person and their professional interests. We want them to feel like what they have to offer us is important and will be given time and attention if they work here. We are looking for a personality fit and an enthusiasm. We can train day to day operations, so attitude and interest are much more important to us.

All four candidates seemed to truly enjoy their chosen fields within library science. I think their objectives fit them well. They all belong somewhere, and at least two of them would be a good fit for SSLDL specifically. The other two will make wonderful librarians at institutions that can feed their personal expertise, but our library does not have the resources or collections that match their goals.

Over all, it was a great experience!

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