Friday, October 19, 2012

Medicare Part D

At my library, we present weekly Medicare Part D hands-on workshops.  My co-worker presents a 15-minute presentation on what Medicare Part D is, and its key ideas and terms.  Then we go one-by-one through the attendees (we only take ten people per week), entering their prescription drugs and dosages to create a customized comparison report of the top three cheapest Medicare Part D drug plans for them.

As you can imagine, it gets tricky sometimes.  We are strict about talking only about Part D, and refer people to Medicare experts for questions about other parts of Medicare, supplemental and advantage plans, Medigap, or any other concern they may have outside of Part D.  We have local contacts that we can refer to at places like The Senior Alliance and Area Agency on Aging.

I've asked Mary to help with this program on any dates when one of my other co-workers is not available.  We try to have three of us available to make the one-on-one part go a little faster.  In order to train Mary, who works in another library and who I won't see in person again until I need her help with this program, I created a screen capture video tutorial for her.

I'll share the video with all of you, too (embedded below).  I know it's not the greatest quality, thrown together in about five minutes, but for what it's worth, it might help you talk to your patrons about Medicare Part D too.

Other Medicare Part D links you may find helpful: - the mother ship
Medicare and You 2013 booklet (PDF)
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Power Point presentation given by Bettie Hughes of The Senior Alliance and Area Agency on Aging 1-C

Power Point presentation given by Plymouth District Library

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