Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June 2012 Reads

Royal Flush
#3 in the "Royal Spyness" series
by Rhys Bowen

It's summer, so I want to read something fun and easy.  I love this series! They are set in 1930s England (and Scotland in this case), about an amateur sleuth who happens to be 34th in line for the throne.  Very cute.  Recommended to anyone who likes historical mysteries, stories about royalty, and humor.

Similar reads: The Murder of Gonzago by Raichev, God Save the Queen by Dorothy Cannell, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Mysteries series by Elliott Roosevelt

American Wife
by Curtis Sittenfeld

See previous post here, including integrated advisory.

Died in the Wool
#10 in the Tori O'Shea Mysteries series
By Rett MacPherson
I've mentioned this series before.  Cozy mysteries about a sleuthing genealogist in a small town in Missouri.  I liked this one a lot! It had to do with the history of a house and a family that lived in it during World War I and the circumstances of their deaths.

Similar reads: Family Tree Series by Patricia Sprinkle, Suzie Fewings Mysteries by Fay Sampson, Dorie Lenox Mysteries by Lise McClendon

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