Monday, March 05, 2012

February Reads

I'm trying something new this month. Rather than covers and reviews, I'm using a GoodReads widget here of what I read in February. I will add a little commentary, though:

A lot of it was professional reading this month. We're researching ILS's (integrated library systems, for my non-librarian readers...both of you...), so I've been reading up on the process of switching to a new library system.

My favorite book this month was "Thicker Than Water" by Rett MacPherson. I just like her cozy mysteries about the genealogist Torie O'Shea. I needed something light and easy this cold, dark, dreary month.

My audio book choice this month: "The Crazy Ladies of Pearl Street" by Trevanian. I technically finished the last bit of "Middlesex" this month too. The Trevanian title was weeded from our library collection, so I bought it from the Friends book sale. Now I'll donate it back. It was funny and cute...but not in a life-changing or earth-shattering way. Worthwhile, but probably not memorable.

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