Monday, January 16, 2012

World Book Night

What a cool idea! You sign up to be giver. Then you choose from a list of 30 titles which one you want to give away. They send you 20 copies, which you then have to give away. You're supposed to give them to light readers or non-readers. So, for example, you could go to a mall or a park and just give them away to passers-by. You give them away on or very near "World Book Night," which is April 23.

Libraries can get involved by:

1. Publicizing World Book Night on their web sites, newsletters, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. Let people know how they can get involved.

2. Offer to be a pick-up location. Givers can have their 20 copies sent to the library, where they come to pick them up.

3. Hold a rally to entice people to be givers.

The organization's goal is to give away 1 million books and to share the love of reading with those who have not found it yet.

Givers have to fill out an application stating who they plan to give the books to and why they chose the title they chose. The organization wants enthusiastic readers who are dedicated to inspiring others to experience the books they love.

I love this idea! I fully intend to set my library up as a pick-up location for givers and to advertise the program so that people will think about becoming givers.

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