Monday, January 30, 2012

Library Day in the Life 8 - Part 1

I participated in Library Day in the Life 6 and 7, and am back for #8.

It's Monday, so I work from 1:00pm to 9:00pm. It's like getting an extra half-day on your weekend, which I love! Anyway, here's the plan for today:

-Read the weekend pile-up of email

-Read an article my boss left for me

-Write some draft institutional goals for 2012, to be talked about at the Admin meeting on Wednesday

-Go through some spring catalogs for various publishers to see what's coming out in my collection areas

-Read Library Journal and Kirkus, which are both waiting up at the reference desk for me

-Today's desk schedule maker gave me from 5-7 at reference and 8-9 at reader advisory. I love desk time, so I wouldn't have minded another hour.

-Re-start Code Academy. I played with it over the weekend, and am really enjoying it. I'd like to re-do the first few lessons for real, though.

We'll see how the day actually turns out. That's the best part of my job, actually. You go in with a basic plan and find yourself doing things that just pop up throughout the day that you hadn't planned on. It keeps things interesting.

Well, it is now 6:00pm. I've accomplished a few things from my list...and a few things that cropped up that weren't on my list:

-Email read.

-Substitute librarians for next Monday and next Saturday scheduled

-I got really into Code Academy and spent about two hours on it. The time sort of slipped away from me, but I really wanted to figure out one of the exercises I was stuck on. I started a the beginning and got to 7.1, where I left off.

-I'm currently at the reference desk. I've answered questions about Asperger's Syndrome in Adults (Trickier than you'd think. Everything seemed to be about parenting and children.), showed a tween girl where books on ghosts and spirits are, locked up both group study rooms that were left open, renewed someone's MEL interloans, and verified someone's computer class registration via chat.

-I added two more copies of "Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss to my February 500s order, since there are currently 14 requests.

-I talked about processing phone books with two different people. Good grief, let's just slap a letter on them and put them on a shelf for the public. Done.

-Spent about ten minutes on Twitter to see what's going on in library land. There is currently a heated discussion about copyright between two people I follow. I love Twitter because, at least with the people I follow, I get library news as it's happening, cool library ideas, and links to some great articles I probably otherwise wouldn't find.

-Did three read alikes on a spreadsheet I share with Mary Kelly for a freelance project we are working on. I generally do not do these at work, but it just happened that both Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal were talking about the same books, and it was just too relevant to the spreadsheet to let it go and come back to on the weekend. I had to read those journals anyway.

With 45 minutes left of this desk shift, I hope to finish reading LJ and Kirkus as well as read that article my boss gave me.

-Article from my boss = read. Very interesting!

-Emailed Women of China magazine to let them know that the contact person they are sending free issues to at our library passed away several years ago.

-Solved the case of the missing "shelving cart" copy of The Help.

-Wrote three potential library goals for 2012.

-Talked to a co-worker about Code Academy when I saw her working on it at the desk. She pep-talked me into keep going with it!

Cut, print, let's go home!

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