Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kindle Touch

I want this e-book reader. This is it - I've found my favorite. I still really like the Nook Simple Touch, and it's really close on which I like better. Today I'm calling the Kindle Touch my favorite.

It's a great size, about the size of my hand - which is about the size of a paperback book.

I checked out a Kindle book from my library's Overdrive collection. Once downloaded, they show up in a folder on the Home screen called "Archived Items.

Just a little tap and you're into the Archived Items folder and can tap the title you want.

Once it installs on the device, which takes about ten seconds, a little "New" icon appears next to it and it shows up on the home screen.

Now you can tap on the title to open and read it. Easy!

Turning pages is so nice on this device. You barely touch the right or left side of the screen and the page turns. It turns quickly, and there is very little "flashing" like the older e-readers seem to have.

To get choices like the menu screen, the font screen, or to sync or go to a certain page, tap the top of the screen.

This is the font screen.

I have one criticism, and it's very minor. I had trouble finding the power button. It's on the bottom.

This one is the Kindle Touch "with special offers," which means that when you turn it off, a full-screen ad shows. On the home screen, there is a banner ad at the bottom. There are no advertisements when you are reading, as you can see from the photos above.

Getting an Overdrive book onto the Kindle was easier than I thought. One of the reasons I like this device so much is that it doesn't require Adobe Digital Editions. When you click the "download" button in Overdrive, you are directed to There, you click another download button. With your device hooked up to your computer, it takes a few seconds and voila!, the title shows up in that "Archived Items" folder I mentioned above.

Sure, Amazon keeps track of who downloads what. You log in to Amazon with your Amazon account to download the title. Amazon keeps track of everything you buy in their store too, so I guess I don't mind this so much. No matter where you buy stuff online they keep track of your purchases. The problem is that libraries are now caught up in this business where Amazon keeps track of what patrons checked out at the library - a clear breach of library privacy laws. I'm conflicted because I accept this as a consumer...but it really bothers me professionally. I'm not going to solve that dilemma today.

The verdict: I love the device. I love how it feels, how it looks, and how it works. I like its price, too ($99 for this one, "with special offers" and without 3G).

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  1. Kindle Touch is also my favorite :D I had many e-Readers, but this one really won my heart! I don't know to tell you why, but I think because it has so many great new features than other devices. What I like about it so much is that I can find eBooks for free on many different sites and download them without any issue. I have the same verdict like you :D I wouldn't change it for anything.