Monday, November 28, 2011

November Reads

I check out a lot of things from the library each month.  If I were to do one of those library use calculators, I'm sure my use well exceeds the taxes I pay for library service.  This month I did a lot of browsing and not a lot of reading.  That's ok - I enjoyed a lot of different types of items all checked out from my library!

Locally Buzzed: The Great Michigan Beer Movie

A group of beer enthusiasts spent a week touring around Michigan breweries, interviewing beer drinkers, brewery owners, and brewers.  This documentary is the result.  It is recommended to people who like: beer, microbrews, Michigan companies, and stories about the positive turnaround of the Michigan economy.

Reading with the Stars: A Celebration of Books and Libraries
by Leonard Kniffel

Celebrities share their love of libraries and reading.  Check out my full review on the Staff Choices Blog.

By Danielle Steel

Check out my review here.

Planet Earth: As You've Never Seen it Before
by Alastair Fothergill

This is the companion book to the BBC tv series.  I admit, I mostly looked at the pictures, but was fascinated by the variety of plants, animals, and landforms pictured in it.  Beautiful photography!

Shop Smart magazine from Consumer Reports

This is not the issue I checked out - I believe I took September and October 2011.  I really like this magazine.  It has all the goodness of Consumer Reports, but more articles and tips than "reports."

Doctor Who
Season One

I've seen a few episodes of Doctor Who in my time - mostly in the mid-80s when I was a middle schooler and didn't really understand it. A bunch of librarians I follow on Twitter have been raving about Doctor Who lately, so I decided to check it out again.  Hilarious!  I've really enjoyed it now that I am old enough to "get" it.  Good stuff.

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