Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Professional Pursuits

This is one of two programs that Mary Kelly and I are presenting at the Michigan Library Association annual conference this week. Stop by Wednesday morning at 9:00am if you're interested!

Here's the description:
Are you ready to kick your career up to the next level? Consider posting, publishing, and presenting! First, we will help you identify the subject you want to pursue as your area of expertise. Then learn how easy it is to get involved in blog posting, from gaining an audience to networking and being an active participant in the blogosphere. This is the first step to putting your ideas in writing and sharing them with others (for the “good of all!”). The next step is publishing your ideas outside of your blog through journal articles or even books. Learn to write winning proposals to begin publishing those great ideas! We will suggest places to submit your work and look at a typical proposal. Then, present your ideas to library boards, colleagues, and even your community. We will help you conquer your fears of public speaking with practical tips that will make your presentations more dynamic at the same time. Follow these steps to successfully enter the world of posting, publishing, and presenting, and watch your career flourish!

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