Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Can you believe it? I've been in my current job for two years today. In some ways, it's like I was always here. In other ways, it's like I'm still new.

Like I was always here
I have begun to fill in the history of things. How people, collections, random files, procedures, etc. got to be the way they are now. I can tell new people the history, and I'm even part of the history sometimes.

I am fairly familiar with the building. I know where the weird storage area is at the bottom of the emergency stairwell. I know how the snow melt system works. I have trained two other people how to work with the fire alarm panel. I know where the hot spots, and the cold spots, are.

I've gotten to know my co-workers better. I'm not a nosy, too-familiar, "tell me every detail of your weekend" kind of person, so I don't know people intimately - but that's who I am. I do have an idea of who likes mornings and who would rather work evenings, who likes the youth desk and who prefers the readers advisory desk, and who likes to weed and who does it because they have to.

Like I'm still new
And then there are the details I learn pretty much every day.

I've done annual collection budget requests twice. This year could have been the first time. I learned that certain collections go in certain librarians' budgets (that I wouldn't have guessed...). I learned that overdue fines for certain collections are tracked separately as revenue. I learned that I have more freedom to move money around than I realized.

Every time I train someone new, they ask a question that I'd never considered, and don't know the answer to.

I just started managing a collection, so that procedure is new to me.

New, old, whatever. I love my job and I'm happy to be here. Two years in, and roughly 20 to go (before I can retire).

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