Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I heard about Squidoo a few years ago.  It was one of those tech tools that sounded cool and I wanted to try, so I set up a free account with them and gave it a whirl. 

Squidoo allows you to create what they call "lenses" on any topic.  Lenses are basically little web pages.  They have modules so you can link to a tag in your Delicious account, a list of pre-chosen books on Amazon, a guest book so people can leave comments on your lens, straight-up text, and others.  You do have to know a bit of very basic html, but nothing crazy. 
Squidoo is great for finding information on a topic.  Like all web pages, authority and accuracy needs to be considered before using any information you find on Squidoo, since anyone can make a lens.  What I like about Squidoo is the clean format.  Some lenses are better than others in terms of content, but you can count on having the same general format in any lens you look at.

I've created a few lenses on Squidoo:

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