Thursday, June 09, 2011

My New Collections

I've inherited two new collections!  Those who know me know how excited I am.  I mentioned how not-thrilled I am with the periodicals collections (it's ok, but I have missed having a "real" book collection!).  Ok, so I complain a bit about it.  Alright, alright...I complain a lot about it.  One of my co-workers, who is a part-time librarian, was assigned a lot of collections, and gave up two for me.  I wasn't going to just take someone's collection (unless they left for some reason, when I would totally swoop in for the kill), but she offered me the adult non-fiction 000s (excluding the computer books, which are managed by someone else) and the adult non-fiction 500s. Here's my plan for digging in to these new collection responsibilities.

First, I need to just become familiar with what's there.  I think I'll start by shelf-reading both sections.  That's a good opportunity to look at what's there, the balance of call numbers, and any shifting or shelf balancing needed.

Then I'll run a few reports to see what I'm working with.  Is there anything that hasn't circulated recently?  I know both collections were weeded in the last few years, but I'd like to be aware of titles to keep my eye on - and any that need to be weeded since the last go-around.

Meanwhile, I'll start paying closer attention to these categories in the review journals.  Previously, I was kind of browsing the review journals for general awareness of what's coming out, for reader's advisory and reference purposes.  I'll start looking specifically for titles to buy in my new collections.

A basic RFID inventory was taken about a year ago in both of these collections, but I'd like to do a hands-on physical inventory.  I'll run shelf lists and go title-by-title to verify what's there, what they're linked to, what the records look like, what the condition of the physical items is, etc.  This is another chance to put my hands on the items, one by one, and look more closely at them than I would during the first-pass shelf read.

In our library, the reference collection is managed by each Dewey-range selector.  I'll now be in charge of the reference 000's and 500's.  I'll need to look at what's there too.

Thanks, co-worker, for humoring me!  She had a lot to keep up with, and I was desperate for a more interesting collection.  Collection management is one of the things I miss the most about my small library days.  Our library has a fantastic collection, and I'm grateful to be surrounded by such a great team of librarians who each do their part.  Now I get a part, too!

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