Sunday, May 08, 2011


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I said in a previous blog post that I don't make a dime on this blog (see #3 in the opportunities section...the second #3 in the post. Wow, I like to number things, don't I?!)  That's about to change, and I want to explain why.

I set up an account with Google Ad Sense.  Mostly, I just wanted to learn how Ad Sense works.  I'm always looking for ways to keep my tech skills up-to-date.  I'm always trying to stretch my abilities in that area.  Ad Sense is pretty easy to deal with, as it turns out, but in order to find that out and be able to talk to other people about it, I had to try it out.

There is one ad in the right side-bar and one in each post (assuming it works, since this is the first post).  Click if you like, or don't, but know that I plan to donate all earnings from this blog to a Michigan public library in need.  I support libraries fairly regularly through their used book sales too.  This is just a little something extra.  I'm not campaigning or fundraising for any particular library.  I'm learning how ad sales work in free blogging sites like Blogger.  If that results in a few bucks that I can give directly to a library, then great!

If not, well...I'll be happy to teach anyone how to set up Google Ad Sense on their blog.

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