Sunday, December 19, 2010

EBook Reader #5: The iPad

I was very excited to get my hands on the iPad! I've definitely had the most fun with this device. As an ebook reader, though, it's not my favorite. The pros and cons:


-I mean, it's an iPad! It's pretty cutting edge. The cool factor is pretty high!

-You can do a lot more with it than just read e-books. You can surf the web, tweet, play games, watch videos, and try out all kinds of apps.

-It's backlit, so you can use it in the dark.

-The pages don't flash when you turn a page of an e-book.


-No support for Flash.

-No USB port.

-The Overdrive mobile app is intended for screens the size of an iPod, so the solution gets pretty fuzzy when you zoom in 2x. To be fair, the iBooks app, the Bluefire app, and Google eBooks look perfectly clear on the iPad.

-The touchpad keyboard is nice, but I just typed up this whole post on the iPad and I'm already annoyed. This device does not take the place of a laptop for productivity tasks. (It's not meant to...and it doesn't.)

-A little big for an e-book reader. It doesn't fit in a purse as nicely.

I love the iPad for gaming, tweeting, and watching YouTube videos, but it's way too expensive to use as an e-book reader. Ya know what it would be great for, though? Roaming reference! I can see this being even better than the Tablet PC, which I have used in the past for roaming ref. Guess what I'll be doing this week? Four out of five stars over all.

(Side note: I'd load some pictures here, but I can't hook my camera up to the iPad. That will have to be done on a separate device.)

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