Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friend Feed

I have had a FriendFeed account for a while, but never really experimented with it. I rediscovered it last week, and now I'm really digging it! If you'd like to follow me on FriendFeed, the address is

The cool thing about FriendFeed is that it lets you share all of your social networking activities in one place. I have my account set up to share any new Delicious bookmarks I add, YouTube videos I upload, my tweets on Twitter, my new blog posts here on Blogger, my LinkedIn updates, my SlideShare uploads, and even anything I share through Google Reader by clicking on the "share" button after an article there. Now I don't have to Tweet that I have a new blog post, blog that I have new Delicious bookmarks, or bookmark my YouTube videos on Delicious. I share them all at once by the act itself through my FriendFeed account. I upload a video on YouTube and instantly everyone who follows my FriendFeed is notified through my feed.

It's also nice on the receiving end. I follow a lot of people on Twitter, some different people on Delicious, and yet another crowd on SlideShare (etc.). I don't have to log in on all these different web pages to see what people are up to. I get it all in one place.

Check it out! I'd love to follow you on FriendFeed rather than separately in all the various places you are online!

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