Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not to worry, I'm just about finished with another mystery novel. More on that later.

I stumbled on something totally cool recently, and I wanted to share it. I'm probably late to the game on this one, but it's called, and there are tons of mystery short stories right there for the reading.

I read "The Things We Do for Love" by Jonathan Kellerman. ( It's six sections long (not really "pages." If you printed it, it might come out to 10 or 12 pages.) A woman and her baby are having lunch in a restaurant. The baby starts throwing food and toys around (as babies do.) When the mother goes to pick up a thrown rattle near some thug-looking men, she hears one of them say a name. The name strikes fear in her heart because she heard it on the news recently. A murderer! She grabs the baby and makes a run for it. One of the thugs knew she heard him talking, and chases her down. You should definitely read the story to find out the cool twist to the end of the story! Go! Read it now!

I also read "Married to a Murderer" by Alan Russell. ( It was shorter - only three sections. Another good story, though in a more subtle, literary way. Almost poetic, really. A rich woman meets a death row inmate and falls in love. With him? Maybe just with the notoriety of being married to a murderer. Her wealth gets him a retrial, where he is found innocent and released. Now she's no longer married to a murderer, and the marriage doesn't suit her. Read the story to find out what she does about that!

These are quick, fun little mysteries - highly recommended! Better yet, it has made me want to read more mysteries by these authors.

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