Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tech Tools

I just stumbled on a web site called "Poster Street" where you can download and embed lots of different posters for home, work, events, etc. (Such as the one to the left). That gave me the idea to post some of the latest tech tools I've come across. Here goes:

ePub Bud
Free children's eBooks for iPads.

Policy tool
Policy generator for social networking business use or other technology projects.

Free Covers World
Download and print DVD and CD covers.

Where is the Fold?
Designing a new web page? Find out where the fold is on various screen resolutions. (The fold is the point at which your web site requires users to scroll down to see the rest.)
Add fun emoticons to your Twitter posts.

Create a Password
Memorable, but secure, password generator.

Open Photo
Creative commons photos.

...And some old favorites:

Need to share files that are too big to attach to an email? Create a "drop"! Upload your files, then share the unique URL. Share that URL with anyone you want to be able to download the files you dropped.

Convert files from almost any type to almost any other type! Upload your file, then a link to the converted file is emailed to you. Download the new file from that link.

Vertex 42
Download spreadsheet templates, calculators, and calendars.

Anything 2 PDF
Upload your file and a PDF will be created very quickly!

Got Free Fax
No fax machine? Upload your computer file, enter the fax number to send it to, and your file will be faxed from computer to fax machine! Limits: 3 pages per fax (free), 2 free faxes per day (free), more services and fewer limits with the premium pay-per-fax service (ten pages for only 98 cents!).

Password Meter
Enter your password ('s not saved anywhere, and is encrypted). This password strength checker will tell you how secure your password is.

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