Monday, January 19, 2009

SSLDL is open!

After almost three weeks closed to the public, SSLDL re-opened today! Our four study rooms and copy center are still being built, as well as part of the staff area. We have a new Teen area, a computer lab with 21 new computers, more parking spaces, a drive-up book drop, and an expanded processing (ie. staff) area. The entire adult section was re-organized too, so we had to un-shelve and re-shelve all of fiction and non-fiction (not to mention all the genres). We have lots of new shelving areas in the adult section for all of the collections. They fit nicely with room to grow! We're all very excited about our newly expanded library! It's great to see the people coming in today who are seeing it for the first time. All of our planning and hard work is really paying off today!

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