Friday, September 26, 2008

iTrends Update

The first meeting of the iTrends committee that I am chairing went very well! There are seven people on our committee, and only three of us showed up. However, we managed to get a LOT accomplished. We came up with our workshop title, topic, theme, agenda, location, date, and one of the speakers in that two hour meeting. We also wrote goals and learning outcomes for the sessions.

After the meeting, I sent out an email to the committee listserve. Everyone (well, except for one person) has since contributed to the discussion of who we should invite to be panelists for one of our sessions. This is going to be a great group to work with!

I'm very excited about the topic and format of the workshop we are planning, too. It is different from other workshops, and I like being part of a group that wants to push the envelope and break out of the traditional way of doing things. Our workshop is about "findability." We are focusing on digital collections and finding online information. Our speakers will talk about digital collections in their field of expertise, tips for finding information online in their subject area, and suggest ways to promote online collections. The afternoon portion will be a hands-on scavenger hunt where participants will actually put into action the information they learned in the morning sessions.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are way ahead of the planning time line already.

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