Friday, August 01, 2008

Tech Tools for Reference

In October, I am presenting at the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference. The topic is "Tech Tools for Reference" and my co-presenter is Christine Tobias from Michigan State University. I have spent the last few months gathering interesting and useful tech tools and am now narrowing them down to a reasonable number to present. This has proved more difficult than I thought! When I was asked to speak on this topic, I was excited because I love this kind of thing, but only a handful of "tech tools for reference" came to mind. I don't want to just show cool web pages; I really want to focus on the "tools for reference" bit. Now I have about 30 that I really want to talk about and I need to narrow it down to 10 or 15...maybe 20 if I can sneak them in by grouping a few together as similar types of sources. That's what I'm working on for the next week or so!

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